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Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

We have been Quite successful over the past 6 years, earning some good online money, and earning 6 -7 figure income per month, from all our business like this one including our own SEO firms.

Here’s few of the tools we use, and what you can use to propel your businesses the next level.

Here’s some FREE resources that you might need to get your online business going, it’s have helped us build some significant profit from our internet business and we hope it can help you too.


Here’s what we use for



Build thousands on High PR Backlinks, 24/7/365

Magic Submitter

Suitable for 1st Tier links, we use it so we won’t get penalized

We also use it to generate some income with our SEO Agency, charging our clients couple of thousands per project.

How to use it?

Rank Tracking

Probably the most complete Rank Tracking, software we’ve found so far. Nothing can compete with this software in terms of price and value.

How to use it?

Traffic Travis


Online Business Concepts

If you have no idea how to make money online, or how it works. we recommend you watch some free video here

We’ll keep this page updated, some of our partners don’t really want to reveal all the tools of your trades. Hope you understand.

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